GLMap is a map framework for iOS and Android applications

Rendered using OpenGL ES 2.0 and optimized to work offline. Based on recent data from OpenStreetMap. Includes search and directions.




Easy integration

One line dependency from Cocoapods / Carthage on iOS or maven on Android.


Fast rendering

Map is rendered on GPU using OpenGL ES 2.0, with extensions for extra speed on modern devices.


Vector maps

Vector data describes where and what kind of objects displayed on map.


Customizable styles

MapCSS­ based stylesheet describes how vector map data should be displayed.



Then $1 per

Map downloads 5,000 / month 50 map downloads
Vector tile downloads 50,000 / month 5,000 tile downlods
Direction requests 50,000 / month 5,000 requests
Everything else No limits
To download San Francisco at zoom levels 9-16 you'll need ~1000 Mapbox tiles. Or just 17 our vector tiles.